Hell & Rain

by Until Death Overtakes Me

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A collection of the single tracks released between late 2016 and early 2017. Included with this download are high-resolution images to print a booklet, inlay and CD label.

This album exists as net-release only, and is free to download. Donations are appreciated, as always.


released April 19, 2017

Music written, performed and recorded by SVC. Visual art based on various public domain sources and edited by SVC.




Until Death Overtakes Me Belgium

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Track Name: Old Hell
old hell is inside
old hell waits for me - hell grows in mental decay
blind search in the dark - hell won't let me out
stilled mind has broken - succumbed to lure of death
my hell is divine
my hell claims the mind - emptiness howls inside
frozen eyes reflect no light - caverns lead ever deeper
tired mind has frozen - fallen into the everdark
Track Name: Blazarrise
rise, shine your unlight
blazarrise blazarrise
rise, sear all the earth
rise, star of our doom
blazarrise blazarrise
Track Name: Watching Endtimes Unfold
witness life wither 'way
broken husks feeding the end

watch all skies weep death
black rain drowning the light

see the earth birth fire
rising high fighting the stars

vast fields, dead husks. they wait in fear of night
piled high, touching the skies
they burn to feed the end
Track Name: And Then Came Rain
endless churning skies
lasting judging dark
rising seething winds
thundering jagged pain
endless churning skies
lasting judging dark
rising seething winds
thundering jagged pain
spiteful freezing rain
hateful torturing rain
Track Name: Loss
fading from sight
shadows remain
i would not forget
i drown in time
where dreams may echo
Track Name: To Never Return
these roads won't be walked again
days, nights pass in desolation
to never, never return
these lands won't be visited again
seasons evolve unseen
to never, never return